Monday, June 18, 2012

Read up

That is the second coffee mug I made in Japan. I use it every morning. 

The rain has finally started in Susaki after a day of warnings and promises of the approaching typhoon. If it's as bad as they're expecting I'll awake to a call from one of my English teachers at 6:30 telling me classes have been cancelled for the day. Should that call come, I'll get a day to play in the studio free of courses and lessons, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

As you can see, a new shipment of Ceramics Monthly has arrived, and I am really irrationally excited to read through them. These two issues are full of artist profiles. I get a lot from reading about the logistics of people managing a career in ceramics, and the photos and other articles are always just the right tool to scratch that pottery itch I keep getting. Ceramics and the artist life were very much on my mind at the Conference in Tokyo. I go to learn how to better help the JET community I live in. They train us in counseling, disaster preparedness, active listening, and other such cheerful subjects. Truthfully it's the best professional training session I've ever attended. I truly impressive and successful event, but after the meetings and neck tie and after the great dinner in Tokyo with friends I returned to my hotel room and thought about how different my time would be without ceramics. It keeps my mind so active and hungry.

Speaking of hunger, these magazines are dying to be read, and with a cover like that (GOD HOW I WANT TO PULL A HANDLE LIKE THAT ONE! And that cloud blue glaze. . . ) how can I resist any longer.

To all those in Japan stay dry as the weather comes in.

We'll see you on Thursday.


  1. I checked out Euan the Potter-it got me nostalgic for the kilns I've built and the firing, though I prefer catenary arches, myself. I would think that a freestanding arch might be better for surviving earthquakes.

  2. please excuse the "Mr. Koons," it's from my school google account.

  3. I dig it "Mr. Koons". I am unaware what the difference in those arches is, and now know what I'll spend my free time today looking up. Forgive my ignorance but did you study ceramics? Or did you learn through doing, back when you were producing?

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