Thursday, September 13, 2012


The week's come and gone like a flash of lightning, and as between the cracks of thunder I managed to have a wonderfully productive week in the studio. I finished trimming the dessert bowls I made last week, and am quite happy with the way they ended up. Two days ago my father sent me this a fantastic video of a man making HUGE pots. This, naturally, led to me wondering how I would do if I tried my hand at working in larger quantities of clay. I've always been a bit scared of bigger work, but this week I made some steps in the right direction for making my work big. I'm especially excited for the large bread bowl I threw today. Also finished a lovely salad or serving bowl.
The nights are starting to cool slightly, but the days remain hot. As the they roll on bye I plan on just keeping on keeping on with the work that my hands find their way into. Have just the best weekends possible!

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