Thursday, April 4, 2013

"For the wheel's still in spin"

After almost 3 years of daily visits for coffee and tomfoolery, working to improve one another's teaching skills beyond the confounding barrier of two languages, getting muddy on days when there were no classes, and endless giving and kindness Tabe Sensei is now working for Susaki Technical High School and Kubokawa High School. They can't know how lucky their students are.  We spent our final day, which was appropriately gray and melancholy, of working together laughing about old times, and going on a lovely lunch excursion to a surprisingly fantastic Italian place near my school. Pasta, a surprisingly crusty (in the good way) peice of home made bread, and the ploting of ways to stay in contact despite now different schools. It was a bitter sweet day of fond farewells.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! For your greatness!

It's a sunny spring day today with enough a chill in the air that a light sweater is still appriciated, but hardly necessary. The sakura infront of the craft room are at their peak, and though quite (with a gaping Tabe Sensei shaped hole) the studio is still a lovely place to do work. I've been filling the silence with Mr. Dylan's songs. It seemed all to fitting to use a line from one of his songs for this post's tittle.

 The new craft instructor invited me down to the studio two days ago to watch me do some work. Yamatogi Sensei was a year ahead of Tabe Sensei in university and specializes in making wooden art objects. My initial impressions are dominated by his neatness, big smiles, and relative lack of English. After watching me work for a day he said that I should feel free to use the studio as I liked. His exact words translated to, "use the same as you did". This is hesitantly great news, and most of this week I've been in and out of the studio creating new pots. I recently watched a small documentary that focused on the pottery community in Minnesota. Sharing the Fire, is great if you are interested in seeing a vibrant potter's community, and many different journeys that all led to careers in ceramics. Check it out!


Somewhere within all of these farewells and new works I managed to have some really great visitors from the USA stop bye. Meet the Strubles!

They came for a visit with Steph, and walked away with a family of three tea cups that have been looking for the perfect home. The visit with Steph's family was a hoot! They're a barrel of laughs and we surfed, beach walked, ate well, and generally shared good times. Can hardly wait to see them again. Hopefully they'll think Kochi whenever they enjoy a cup of tea.

I'm off to trim some of my new work, and possible throw some more vase forms (I am really enjoying bottles and vases these days. They take to texturing really well). Have a happy weekend!