Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Broke Down Blues

The mornings are quickly transitioning from cool to cold. Before I have time to blink it will be winter again, and my hands will be struggling to center in the cold of the studio. November is the busiest time of year. Speech contests for my students kick into full gear, my yearly volunteer course begins, and preparations for winter travels.

I have hit a rock and a hard place. Just before the show in Susaki City the kiln broke down. I was expecting the repair to be somewhat expedient, however my hopes have proven futile. Yamatogi Sensei assures me that the peice in need ot repairs has been shipped, and now we are just in a waiting game. This waiting. . . constantly not knowing when you'll be back in the flow of create, bisque, glaze, and fire is disheartaning. I've had little drive to go create in the studio because I've no garantees I'll be able to complete the works. I still am carving on pots, and tryign to keep my skills at least mildly sharpened.

I doodle frequently. . . in bright colors, and in rarely planned out patterns. They are studies in bordom and color. Like gesture drawings, they're done hastlily and meant more to capture the fleeting feeling of a moment rather than anything else. I would love to find the correct materials to allow me to doodle on the surfaces of my pots, but currently I do not have glazes like that at my disposal.

The maze.

Typhoon Friday

I'm veyr hopeful that we'll be back in business soon, and that I can return to work in full confidence that the work I'm doing will actually come to completion.

Untill then I'll keep the creative juices flowing however I can, and you should do the same!


  1. Hey Bear, any luck on the repairs so far? For what it's worth, it seems that the block in your normal creative outlet is having interesting results, motivating you to experiment outside the norm. Best of luck to you; hope it all works out soon!

  2. thanks MIchelle! The kiln is still down, but luckily I'm back in the studio making some new things sparatically.