Friday, February 3, 2012

A treat

I rarely post back to back posts, but the reactions thus far have been wonderful to hear. Starting next week I plan on posting on Mondays and Thursdays. One of those days will include and update on my current projects (though some will be kept secret, you can't just put everything out there!), and other than that I plan on posting one, two, or (if you're lucky) three photos of my collection of work thus far. The two  coffee mugs and juice glass below are all from my first real firing at Susaki High School.

This one has a little story now:

The former vice principal of my high school was an incredible man. Kind, enthusiastic, interested in conversing with the big goofy English teacher, and passionate about teaching. After my arrival in Japan he frequently went to lunch with me to talk and make sure I was adjusting well. Unfortunately he no longer works at my high school, but today he had to come back to Susaki on business. He asked to see how my ceramics were going, and upon seeing my collection he declared that this mug was still his favorite. After all the kindness he showed me in my first year here, I couldn't resist the opportunity. It went home in his suit pocket, and he promised to enjoy drinking coffee from it after his dinner tonight and every day. Have a great weekend!

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