Monday, March 12, 2012

Piece for piece

 This bowl is now in the, hopefully, happy hands of a fellow Kochi Prefecture artist. One day, while sitting at our teaching desk jobs digitally discussing the ups and downs of having too much down time in the office, I suggested we start a new creative adventure. I would make her a pot and she would paint me a picture. The only inspiration for the respective pieces was to be a color of the other person's choice. Interestingly, we both chose the color green. The bowl was a blast to make, and the excitement of having someone else's work awaiting me once it was finished was excellent.

And here is the lovely painting I received in exchange. The red Kanji written across the building reads KUMA (Japanese for Bear), and the image perfectly captures the the feel of the small town streets us Kochi English teachers see every day. In truth it reminds me most of the street right outside my best friend's house in Nakamura City. Marie I love it! Thanks for the great swap. To all other artists reading I am always game for another swap!

See you on thursday with the results of the firing! Have a great week.

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