Friday, March 2, 2012

What was . . . (and what comes next?)

If you remember, last week I wrote on my excitement over some new more complex forms I was working on.  This tea pot was the cynosure of that post. I left school on Friday last week with the kiln full and my mind drifting to what glazes this pot would be most suited to. However, the fire gods had other ideas. I offended them you see. A good follower knows that work must be ABSOLUTELY 100% dry before firing, and when you wrong the kiln gods - what once was. . .
Sadly is no more. 

Yes my first kiln explosion claimed the pot I was most excited to see finish. Luckily it didn't take any other work along with it. No use lingering on broken pots though. Lesson learned. 

This week was graduation at my high school and yielded very little studio time. Did manage to get some tests of my four new glazes into a quick little firing of some students work. I am exceptionally excited to see the copper red (second from the left) and the white with blue accents. Unfortunately, I do not know the names of these glazes or their make up. If you are potter, and can enlighten me on the actual names of such effects PLEASE HELP ME LEARN!  I am limited by the great wall that is the Japanese language and its infernal love affair with Kanji. 

I've managed to get the bottoms all prepped for glazing on the majority of the cups and mugs, BUT the real news for this week is that TOMORROW!!!! I will be taking 22 pieces to a small two day craft fair in Ino City. If you are in Japan, more specifically Kochi-ken, please come bye and see my work, say hello, talk, and perhaps take a piece home with you. Monday will have a full report. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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