Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Greens and guests.

Busy busy life! The studio has seen very little work this week due to the approach of finals week and graduation at school, but when my school days don't afford me the opportunity to create with clay I find other ways play in dirt and mud. I've got two wonderful guests from the Kingsley Pines and Wooster days here to keep me company for the next two weeks. We'll see what kinds of troubles we can get into (mostly we've been eating delicious foods and tromping about a bit thus far), but lastly here is a photo of this weeks coffee mug. I always struggle with my mugs being slightly under sized, so the only goal of this one was for it to be BIG! I think I may have achieved that goal.

All my life my father grew beautiful summer gardens. We'd eat fresh tomatos and broccoli from it all through the season, and the summer before I came to Japan three years ago I really took an intrest in it and the garden became our project. I loved every part of it from the first turning of the soil to the satisfied smile a fresh tomato is sure to deliver when pared with a little salty blue cheese on a crust of good bread. Now, it's too cold for tomatoes here in Kochi, blue cheese and good bread are, at the very best, difficult to find in Susaki but the green thumb still claims many of the thoughts that rumble about in my head. I reall am striving for a decent winter garden with arugula, kolrhabi, broccoli, chard, thyme, mints, chives, edible flowers, and evern some aloe. Living on the fourth story it's always a battle to get enough sun light, and getting the seeds to germinate as I run from school to train to city and back and forth, but things seems to be doing really well this year.

There's just something special about having your hands in earth, with grit worked up under the nails. . . it's the kind of feeling I like cultivating, that slow creation that adrenolin junkies can't stand. The one that hangs for days and days, and is about as exciting as watching a leather hard work turn bone dry. But to those like me who get it, that every day difference, there is something magical in grit, green, and earth.

Enjoy your weekends everyone!

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