Monday, March 11, 2013

Collage of days flown bye

Fine friends came and were feasted, traveled, loved, and spoken to in great depth about all things that are, were, and will be their lives. We had such a lovely time. Thank you for coming Geoff and Brenna!

Test season started once more, and there (just like every morning) is the first mug ever to come out of the kiln here in Susaki. 

A few new forms have been thrown and are shown drying in the early spring sun (which is so wonderful!) The plum blossoms are also out in for these days, and it makes the coolness of winter 
seem like a distant memory. 

And lastly these little guys found their way into Geoff and Brenna's bags and will hopefully be used in their months to come as they renter the working American world in the old big apple. 
More to come this week I promise. It's great to be getting back in the studio even if it is just for a bit. 

More to come! Go make things! 

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