Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Photo Journal: The Dragon

Pots out back of Thow Kwang Pottery Center
The baby dragon. 

One of Singapore's last 2 dragon kilns. This thing was massive! 

Inside the dragon. 

So back in the holiday season Stephanie and I went to Singapore, and I may have mentioned that we adventured our way to one of Singapore's last giant climbing dragon kilns. When we got to the slightly out of the way location it was starting to rain, we were being devoured by mosquitoes, and it turned out that there were no classes being offered that day. So. . . resigned to only getting to look at a kiln without really getting a chance to learn much about it we explored the large open air studio. A whole lot of the work sold at this pottery center isn't had made in Singapore, but we managed to find one of the artists in residency at Thow Kwang Pottery, Steven Low. And he saved our day of pottery center exploration. Steven talked to us about the ceramics community that had grown around these dragon kilns, and about his time as care taker for the kiln. He also talked with us a little about his new lines of work. His kindness and personal attention to two wayward travelers interested in a bit of pottery was incredibly generous. Thank you Steven! If you are ever in Singapore and want to have a guaranteed great time GO VISIT STEVEN! The dragon kiln is a stunning sight, and the work that comes out of it is equally stunning.

Steven with some of his work in progress. 

I love his tea bowls. 

Steven loves making tea bowls, and has a huge collection of beautiful creations at the pottery center. This little beauty was irresistible, and is now happily siting in my apartment.  

Steven's studio. 

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