Monday, February 3, 2014

DigiDestined . . . ?

So this happened: 

I am ever unsure about the need for a digital presence, and am especially tentative about self promotion, but it seems almost inescapable these days. I find myself in the midst of an effort to better upkeep my digital potter's portfolio. The FaceBook page will hopefully be a link between my instagram (name: bearsartorius), the longer ruminations on my making process at this blog, an etsy page (currently in construction), and also serve as a road map to my own pottery curiosities and inspirations. I think one of the things I've enjoyed most about my four year exploration into the pottery world is the broadening sense of community I have been able to find. Granted, most of the work and studios I'm finding and following are professionals on a far more educated plain than I am, but it gives me something to aspire to. My hope has always been that my posts about pottery will get others excited to give it a whirl and see where their hands take them. 

If you a missing out on the reference in the tittle just do yourself a favor and pop on over to view a bit of my childhood

I have about half a kiln loaded with work that'll get fired today. I have some new glaze combinations in this firing that make me a little nervous, but I'm hoping that they turn out just like I'm imagining they could. That's the best part though isn't it. Not really knowing exactly how it'll come out in the end. I love that to a degree I relinquish control of my work in the final stages and let heat do all the work for me.  

Get out there and create something! 

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