Thursday, April 26, 2012


New work Thursday finally returns, and let me tell you it can't be Friday soon enough. This year's course load at Susaki High has me running all over the damn place. I'll take being busy over having nothing to do any day, but after a full two months of being decidedly unbusy, busy feels busier than busy should feel. I'm sure adjustment will happen in no time flat.

Amidst all of this busy I've scrounged up some studio time in little bits to keep the ceramics withdraw symptoms from setting in. Here's what's new:

New forms right off the wheel before texture. 

Newly trimmed and textured! I love ochokos 
To those who might be a little confused an ochoko is a small sake cup. These forms flew off the wheel head. I am feeling a little more adventurous with my decorations after my parents visit and the freshly delivered issues of Ceramics Monthly. Hopefully these and some other new things in the works will be fired and ready by May 20th. What's on May 20th?! Why how kind of you to ask. Hata fest part II will be on May 20th. It's a craft, art, music and food festival held out on the west side of Kochi prefecture. More details will follow as to it's exact location and such, but save that date dear readers. 

Self promotion aside, that's all there really is for this week folks. Enjoy the long weekend if you live in Japan. We'll see you on Monday! 

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