Monday, May 7, 2012


Well folks it's the end of Golden Week here in Japan, and this means the rust is shaking off from 4 days off work. I just put the 38th knotch in my 88 Temple belt. Tuesday and Thursday's post didn't happen, and for that I am most sorry. To make it up to you I want to fill your eye holes with photos!

One of my new glazes from the last firing on some yunomi.  
One of my favorite tea bowls I've produced. My mother managed to spirit it away with her back to the far flung soils of the good old U.S.A. 
Serving plate with a surprise splash of green and red. 

Some new coffee mugs  
It took two full 6 to 7 hour days of cycling to get there, but this is where I spent my 4 day holiday thinking on adventures and pots to come!

And lastly a friendly reminder to all you local fans out there that May 20th I will be at Hata Fest on Irino Beach selling my work along with many other lovely ALT artists and creators of scrumptious sweets. Come hang out at the beach, talk, and buy some pottery! Hata Fest will also be goign on on May 19th as a music only day. So, if you aren't like me and have to go to the Kochi Prefectural Sports Tournament on that Saturday, get yur buns down to the west coast and soak up some sun (fingers crossed on that one) and culture! 

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