Thursday, May 10, 2012


Happy new work Thursday friends, and may it be a lovely one where ever you may be. Above are the pieces going into the kiln tomorrow after school. Along with some of the new textures you've already seen, I plan on trying something new with all of the work shown. Not only are the glaze combinations new, but also (after reading a few wonderfully tempting articles in new a Ceramics Monthly) some new firing methods I simply can't go without trying. I'll fill you in on all the specifics once the outcome is revealed next week. 


Now that, that little morsel has been discharged into the great wilderness of web space I want to share some photos that show what I wish I could make my glazes do. The color combinations, the cracking in the ice, the contrast of chipping thick paint and wood grain, and all the other wonderful dramatics which occur without hardly any human effort are the things I wish I could transfer onto my pots.   

Only more practice and patience will see me to this goal. More to come. Happy weekends. 

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  1. Your parents were over for dinner last evening. Petie's here for a week, and our conversation didn't allow for a lot of time for me to see the photos of their trip, BUT, I did see the video of the papermaker, and I WANT TO COME TO JAPAN!! Don't know how I'd afford it, but I might be asking for a place to bunk should I make it over in the time you're there.

    I'm loving this blog; seeing your work, watching you grow as a potter, feeling the excitement you convey about your creative efforts is inspiring.

    Samuel is officially an MFA grad, has his thesis in the process of being bound into a book, and seems to be delighted that he can now work to pay the bills and have time to write without the demands of rigorous class requirements. I just so wish I could get him to consider taking a leap of faith and doing something different...Have even considered giving him a ticket to come see you in Japan, but he doesn't seem to interested in travel at this juncture....Certainly doesn't get that from me!

    Love from the farm.....T.