Thursday, May 31, 2012

P is for . . . . .

Production! It's been a busy week in the studio. My Oral Communication classes don't have midterm tests, and my fellow teachers don't accept much help even when offered. I finished my lesson plans early in the week, BUT that meant studio time! 

On Monday I wedged about 10kg of reclaim clay (after sifting out chunks of eraser and sponge). It's gritty and I'm not fond of the color it bisque fires to, but I am fond of practicing as much as possible when my typically busy course load lightens up for a week. 

As you can see, I've been focusing on coffee mugs. More accurately on pulling handles. . . Now, I'm not sure you all remember, but handles are my greatest nemesis in the potter's skill set(aside from all those thousands of things I've never tried, but they're unknown quantities at this moment). I really focused on making comfortable handles that don't look like satellite ears sprouting forth from the sides of my carefully shaped pots. All too often with my pots the handles come off as an afterthought.
After my week of practice (Tuesday was a really frustrating day) I'm closer. Still far, FAR away, but I feel much closer to being more in control and able to translate my vision into a functional (somewhat visibly appealing, I hope) handle.

I also got a lot of requests for goblets back when I showed all my work at Hata Fest. So, the last bit of the reclaim clay went into a series of 6 bigger handless cups. These were really fun to make. In general this week has been great because I've been able to set clear goals each day, and work towards building muscle memory, and measurable results of practice (excluding Tuesday's misgivings). I can only imagine what leaps and bounds devoting all one's time to a trade or skill would reveal. What skills would you like to spend every day working to achieve a mastery of? 

I learn new things with every rotation of that wonderful wheel. 

Have a great weekend. 


  1. I love how into this you are, Bear! One day, I hope to be visited by the muse in a similar way. Keep on learning.

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  3. Reposted after typo correction: I appreciate your love always Mr. Jayson. I would argue that your continuous studies of Japanese since you've been here borders on a muse visitation. Maybe it isn't a visual muse, but it is with out a doubt something you've been motivated to improve without outside motivation.